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A drummer since 2001, Cory has continually expanded his comfort zone, writing, performing, and recording music in a multitude of styles and configurations. 

Cory received his Bachelor's of Music degree with Highest Honors at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he began studying piano, guitar, and bass, in addition to drums. This allowed him to become a more well-rounded musician, and aided in his compositional and arranging endeavors.

Cory lives in Santa Cruz, but regularly performs all over California and beyond with a variety of groups, in an even larger variety of styles.

A few of the groups he plays with are listed below - check out the

"Upcoming Shows" page to see where he'll be next!

Current projects include:

The Coffis Brothers - a 5-piece band that blends roots rock, folk, blues, and R&B, fronted by brothers Jamie and Kellen Coffis, and featuring Cory on drums.

The Alpha Rhythm Kings - trumpeter/vocalist Robert Dehlinger leads this rippin', rockin' 6-piece

jump blues act with Cory on drums.


Gravity Pool - a 3-piece rock group fronted by guitarist/singer Manny Swan, performing shredding originals and your favorite covers, featuring Cory on drums.

Amy Unauthorized - an 8-piece Amy Winehouse tribute band, for which Cory plays the drums and

serves as the Musical Director.

Stanwood - a band fronted by songwriter & guitarist Malcom Schuster, which has roots in indie rock, prog rock,

and jazz, featuring Cory on drums.

Taki Runa - performing music from the Andes, Brazil, Mexico, and the Afro-Carribean, with Cory on percussion.

The Cory Graves Collective - a collective-style jazz ensemble, featuring musicians from all over the Bay Area, that plays original compositions, arrangements of popular tunes, & jazz standards in a variety of configurations.

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